Welcome to E-vents – Corporate Team Building Solved

At a guess, you’re here because you need some help with a corporate or team building event. In that case, you’ve come to the right place, because we specialise in all aspects of corporate event organisation and offer many different kinds of team building days which are offered though Accolade Corporate Events.

Corporate team building is vital, but it does have a bit of a bad name in some quarters. These days it’s so much more than the old cliché of cheering on your colleagues as they walk over hot coals, however. You could treat your staff to a glitzy party because they’ve been working so hard for the last few months, or you could choose to give your high achievers an away day with a difference. If you already have a good team, you might want to challenge them to prove it by taking them to a white water rafting day. If your incoming sales people have spent a week getting to grips with the company rulebook, a light hearted quiz on the Friday lunch time before they leave for home could be the way to see who has really taken in what they’ve been reading and hearing.

There is so much variety in corporate team building events these days, it’s a shame not to test how adventurous you want to be. The best thing is that we can tailor your event to your staff – what works for the super-competitive sales teams may not work for your term-time only female staff who have an entirely different set of priorities. We will work with you to ensure that all your staff go home happy after one of our events. We will look after all the details, from ensuring that there are enough teabags and biscuits in the mid-afternoon conference break to booking transport home or overnight accommodation for your delegates.

If you fancy some of your staff as budding Apprentice contestants, you know your Finance Manager is a die-hard Strictly fan, or you want to give your admin team a chance to shake their stuff, we can help out. Some of the best corporate team building days are the unusual ones – how would your staff react to learning the Thriller dance, for instance?

The answers to all these questions and conundrums can be found on this site. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you. Your corporate events will never be the same again.