Corporate Events

Christmas is the biggest market for corporate events, it would seem. Everyone is hosting parties, awards ceremonies and annual conferences, telling their employees (and the world) how well they’ve done, rewarding those who have gone above and beyond and generally being missing from their desks, presumed having a good time.

But even at this time of year, corporate events can fail. Corporate hospitality can let staff down at just the wrong moment, corporate days out can go wrong, and conferences can send delegates to sleep rather than energising them and making them feel good about the firm they work for.

This is where you need a corporate events organiser like Accolade Corporate Events. The company has almost 15 years’ experience in organising every type of corporate entertainment, and has rather a name for putting on corporate hospitality events to remember for all the right reasons.

In the last week I have attended one conference, two parties and one awards ceremony. None organised by Accolade, I doubt, because they didn’t bear the hallmarks of one of their events. The conference sent me to sleep – too many presentations one after another and practically no breaks for energisers or a refreshing cup of tea. The awards ceremony was a rather awkward affair with the CEO presenting certificates and glass engraved trophies to the winning team and commiserations to the rest. The parties were informal affairs, one held in the location itself, the other in a nearby function hall. Both were fun, and one had a rather good covers band, but both were low key and nothing to write home about. No company themed quiz show, no interdepartmental console gaming championship, not much to mark them out from the norm.

Oh well, there’s always next year. Corporate events come round like clockwork, there’s always something on the horizon. At this time of year there are the mentally-based indoor events to consider, but come the summer, companies can organise outdoor events without giving their employees frostbite. That means physical fun such as sports days, Superstars-style events (sure to get the gym bunnies’ adrenaline going), plus motorised and clay-shooting team events. I’ve had an inordinate amount of fun at motorised teambuilding corporate events in the past, loosely packaged as a karting evening in the pouring rain. One of them gave me the chance to prove my so-called leadership skills when captaining a team to a podium position against all the odds (I was black-flagged for aggressive driving, ahem) and I still have the trophy on display today.

Corporate hospitality events can take the form of anything from an international conference to a high-level meeting with a rival CEO to improve relations between two firms, and can be big or small as needed. A good corporate events firm will organise either event with style and confidence. It doesn’t matter to them how many people are attending, it merely matters that the event runs seamlessly. If asked, many firms will look beyond the rooms that the event is being held in, and will organise transport or overnight hotels for staff and delegates plus source support staff such as bar tenders, a waiting team and additional caterers as needed, as well as sorting out the immediate practicalities such as the layout of the room, the front of house team and the evening’s entertainment. As they work often with the same venues, they may be able to negotiate discounts based on the size of the event or whether a package of event ticket and hotel room is taken up by your employees.

For many firms, the ideal corporate events organiser is one who takes on all the organisation, and all the company’s employees have to do is turn up on the night. Corporate days out and corporate hospitality are at their best when running seamlessly, and to make sure they do is often the job of the event organiser.

Corporate events can be a way to bring your employees together, to reward them after a hard year’s work or simply give them a way to let off steam. They can be a shop window for your firm, pulling out all the stops to launch a new product with style, or entertain your top clients to thank them for their business during the year. Many corporate hospitality events can involve the media, written press releases and photographic publicity, and all of this can be handled by a good corporate events organiser. Free promotional products or goodie bags for guests or delegates may be somewhere in the mix, and your organiser can make arrangements for this too, if appropriate.

Corporate entertainment specialists are multi-talented people, able to turn their creative processes and fixer attitudes to any and all aspects of event organisation. They are part artist, part marketer, part director and wholly dedicated to ensuring that whatever they’re organising, it goes as smoothly as possible. The next time you have a big or important event to organise, save yourself the stress and hand the whole thing over to a professional. It may not be the cheapest option, but in terms of the opportunity to make a good impression, it’s priceless.