Event Organizers

Event organisers are invaluable to firms wanting to make a splash with a product launch, impress their clients, thank their staff or simply jazz up their annual conference or training days. The event organizer will handle all the nitty-gritty of negotiation with a venue, sourcing all the necessary extra staff, catering and virtually any aspect of the staging of an event that you could mention.

Your staff inductions, training days, personal development sessions and team building events will never be the same again. Hiring an event organizer may not be cheap, but it is worthwhile and will ensure your events are talked about afterwards for all the right reasons. Accolade Corporate Events have fourteen years’ experience of organising every type of corporate event, from summer outdoor teambuilding days featuring a Superstars-style challenge to fun Christmas parties with a game show theme. They can also provide short, high-energy conference activities, where the assembled delegates can learn how to perform the haka, indulge in a spot of clapping or master the art of a playing in a boomwhacker orchestra.

I recall one particularly dire corporate State of the Nation presentation where the combination of being talked at and sitting in a warm, quiet room lulled me off to sleep. I woke up when I almost fell off the chair. That was one event which could have done with the services of an event organizer so that things would have been a little more interesting for us poor staff. A few years later, the company appeared to have learned their lesson, because they held the annual presentation at a nearby animal sanctuary and conference centre, then gave us time to wander around and see the animals before requiring that we return to the office.

Another firm made extensive use of corporate event management firms and had a name for hosting the most unusual parties and events in stunning locations. They made full use of theme nights, conference energisers and corporate quiz shows, ensured that everyone’s dietary requirements were met, organized overnight accommodation or transport home and generally made sure everyone was looked after to the highest level.

If you need to create a good first impression, then it makes sense to employ a professional to help you. Event organisers are used to working with many different types of firm and can turn their minds and creativity to organising everything from a short interlude in your annual conference to a full away day’s entertainment for your star staff. They can arrange for a quad bike or karting day out at a specialist outdoor activities location or simply an interdepartmental sports challenge at your local leisure centre. New staff can be welcomed into the team with an induction day to remember when you involve an event company and your annual refresher training courses can be made more enjoyable by the inclusion of a gameshow style quiz to see who has remembered the most about what they’ve learned.

There are many reasons for employing event organisers, often it’s that you and your staff are just too busy to cram one single thing more into your day. Sometimes the reason is to make a mark with an important product launch, or welcome your visiting international CEO with flair and style. Perhaps it’s just that your staff have gone above and beyond consistently against the odds throughout the year, and you feel they deserve something a little more special than a free drink and turkey with all the trimmings at the local pub.

Imagine your staff’s surprise when they arrive at a top hotel for the annual awards ceremony, to be greeted by a string group playing Strauss waltzes and tailcoated waiters gliding around with glasses of champagne and nibbles. Or picture your intensely competitive sales teams’ collective amazement when they are let off a coach and find themselves at a motor racing circuit for a track day. With an event company to sort out all the details, both of these could be a possibility.

Corporate event management is challenging, hard work and can be stressful, but it’s all worth it when everything goes to plan. These days, it is such big business that there are degree courses devoted to teaching the art. Some of the best events I’ve attended have been professionally organized by an event company. I’ve mixed with big names in several fields, enjoyed free food, seen top bands as part of the ticket price, and known that whenever I was ready to call it a day, my hotel room awaited a few minutes away. Properly organized events will become the stuff of legend. So will poorly organized ones, but for the opposite reasons. If you want to be able to tell prospective employees that the company is known for its great teamwork and amazing events, then you need the services of a corporate event management company.