Team Building

The requirement to work well with a team features in many job descriptions as well as career and personal development plans these days. But how do you ensure that this is met by your organisation?

Accolade Corporate Events have the answer. They will organise a knock-your-socks off team building activity for your company. The kind of show that will energise even the most jaded employee and make them think about their job in a whole new light.

Corporate events need never be the same again. Conferences can be jazzed up with a short corporate energiser slot, where your employees can learn to perform a company haka, or get into the groove with a drumming workshop. The annual awards ceremony can demonstrate just how much of a team your winning team are, by having the members take part in a team building exercise as part of the ceremony.

And it’s not just your current employees who will benefit from a team building exercise. Your new starters will learn from their very first day that teamwork is part of the firm’s identity if you incorporate a team building element into their induction and initial training. Conference energiser slots are ideal for this – a short, 15 minute group participation team building event such as Boomwhackers or Clap Happy will wake everyone up and shake them up too.

Different team building companies have different strengths. Some specialise in outdoor team building days, maybe a team obstacle course or white water rafting. Others aim to teach one element of teamwork, such as trust, creativity or sharing the workload, and will do so by involving the staff in indoor group work. Some simply offer a large range of activities suitable for a wide variety of locations and ages. Some team building activities will naturally work better at a Christmas party, while others are more suited to a serious conference or training day.

Differing approaches suit different firms, and it is up to you to choose from the variety of options on offer to make sure your company has the right type of team building day or event. Of course, training days and conferences can be dry, staid and boring at times (I’ve fallen asleep in more presentations than I care to comfortably recall) and mixing up the pace of a long series of presentations or training modules does wonders for invigorating the listeners or students, as well as preventing the universally dreaded Death by PowerPoint! There is nothing worse than being talked at for hours without being actively involved in anything, so one way of testing your employees’ skills might be to set a short team based quiz on the content they should have been taking in and see how much actually did sink in. Make it in the format of a well-known quiz show such as Millionaire, and you’ll have a sure fire winner on your hands.

Team building days can be fun and instructive at the same time. I remember one in London where we were all herded into a fleet of black cabs in teams of five and we had to direct the driver to various locations in the city using treasure hunt style clues to solve where we should go. At each location we had to film a short piece giving some information about the location, then pile back into the cab and rush off to the next location. It was a long and very tiring day, but it allowed people who never normally worked together to break out of their usual teams and work with staff from the other branches.

I can also think of a few corporate events which would have been vastly improved by the inclusion of team building exercises. No excuse then for people to sit staring morosely into their drink or congregate outside chain smoking because being in the cold with a cigarette was more fun than shouting at each other over the loud disco inside.

There’s no getting away from it, whether you are working in a team of clinical staff treating patients, a group of helpdesk staff dealing with customers on the phone or a shift of checkout staff at a large supermarket, teamwork builds rapport and spreads knowledge. People are more inclined to be supportive when you hit a problem if you have been helpful to them in the past. The importance of sharing knowledge can be reinforced by something as simple as a light-hearted quiz, and the importance of customer service amply demonstrated by a team building day involving role play based on Dragons’ Den or The Apprentice.

This is the kind of event you may not have time to organise successfully yourself, so the outlay of hiring a team building company to handle the staging for you is money well spent investing in your staff training. Then, they can say in their annual appraisal that, yes, they have met the team building goal – and go on to demonstrate it in their daily role.